My new experience – Painting by numbers!

Published February 4, 2012 by evelynpang


I passby this small stall at mid valley. And i was attracted to the beautiful drawings at the stall. It was painting by numbers! I heard of this recently and today was my first time seeing it. According to the promoter, it’s from China and brought to Malaysia more than one year ago. And i never tried it, i am so out! haha…and i have decided to try it today!

I was sent to learn painting by my mothers since i was small. I learn crayon and even water color painting. I participated and won prizes in lots of drawing and painting competitions.That’s why i have very deep interest towards drawing and painting. But i did not choose to further my studies in arts and designs. Because i think that i am not creative enough. 

At last, i bought a RM 60 painting kit. I got the chance to enjoy the 15% discount. After  discount, it’s only RM51. The promoter was nice. She opened up the painting kit and checked each colour to make sure that the colour is not dry. And i was told that the colours can be refilled for free when needed. Let me introduce you to painting by numbers.It looks like oil painting. In the painting kit, There are one big and one small brushes, 18 colours ‘box'( enough for this drawing) and a white painting board with drawing filled with numbers. It looks complicated. There are numbers on each colour ‘box’. I have to refer to the number on the colour ‘box’ and paint it accordingly to the numbers on the painting board. 

I started painting from the largest area, which was the sky. There are many small areas which i have to paint with full attention and patience so that i dont cross the line. Finally, I finished painting it at the end of the day. It looks attractive and lovely. I love it so much and decided to try another piece next time. You should try it!

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