War Horse is a touching movie !

Published February 4, 2012 by evelynpang

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Yesterday was Friday! As a student, it’s time for me to relax myself after a week of school days. So, my best friend(Caroline) and I decided to watch War horse in the cinema. My neighbour recommended us this movie.

At first, we bought 2 tickets of war horse. The showing time was 2 hours from the time we purchased the ticket. We had nothing to do and did not feel like shopping at that time. So, after discussing, we decided to watch another movie during that 2 hours time. The movie we chose was Chronicle. According to Carol, the movie reviews for this movie are mostly positive. Obviously, we made the wrong choice and regretted so much. To me, that movie was terrible. I really don’t like the way they filmed the movie. i felt nauseated and giddy watching that movie. The storyline was just average, nothing creative. To me, it’s the worst supernatural movie among the supernatural movies that i watched before.

The second movie was a great movie! This movie had won few prizes and it is in top 10 movies. It was about a young man and his horse. The last part of the movie (when the young man found back his horse) was really touching and both of us shed our tears. Besides, there were lots of beautiful  sceneries in the movie, which i wish i could be there one day.


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